HTC 10

HTC was a great mobile phone company. When they first landed on the mainstream mobile phone scene, they shocked the world with the HTC One. It was the first phone that people agreed to be one of the best mobile phones ever.

Unfortunately, the subsequent mobile phone models from the company didn’t quite live up to its predecessor’s success. HTC released subpar phones that are okay at best.

The company went to the drawing board and they’re hoping that this new mobile phone will put them back in the spotlight once again.

Their new mobile phone offering is none other than the HTC 10. That’s right, it doesn’t have an “M” to the side of it and it doesn’t even have the “One” moniker. It simply dons the name “10”.

The HTC 10’s design is premium. It looks and feels premium as it dons an all-metal construction. Although it doesn’t have round edges, the phone is still pleasant to hold thanks to the polished front and nice roughness to the back cover.

The buttons are on their usual placements with the smooth volume controls on the right as well as the well-textured power button just at the top of it. The headphone jack is located at the top while the microUSB port is situated at the bottom.

People would be pleased to know that the HTC 10 comes with a fingerprint scanner. The phone’s scanner is quite sensitive and accurate and it only lags behind by a small margin with Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

Speaking of the design, when you buy the HTC 10, it also comes with a nice case which the company calls the “Ice View Case”. Basically, the Ice View Case is a case that not only protects the HTC 10, but it also gives a bit of functionality into it as well.

You can use the screen while the cover is on. You can accept or reject calls and you can read text messages, all without taking off the Ice View Case.

The HTC 10’s got a better screen. The phone comes with a 5.2-inch quad HD display (2560×1440) which means that you get a better screen and a brighter one at that.

Looking at images and viewing media on the phone is a welcome treat. It is surprising, at least to me, that the company opted for a new display technology in the form of the Super LCD 5. It is still not mainstream but from the looks of it, the display is actually quite nice.

Under the hood, you will find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor, the Adreno 530 GPU, and a hefty 4GB of RAM. You might think that 4GB of RAM is overkill, but at least, you’re assured that this phone will still be good for years to come.

The camera of the HTC 10 has vastly been improved. Before, HTC was banking on more megapixels but it didn’t turn out to be a good idea. Now, the HTC 10 has a slightly lower megapixel count but it now has a better snapper, a faster camera app, and the post-processing power is faster as well.

The pictures taken by the camera were pretty good and there were little to no noise. It does suffer a bit when using it under low-lit environments, but it is just a bit and nothing too major.

Overall, I feel that the HTC 10 is a good phone and one that should put the mobile phone company back to the races.