Swiftkey Keyboard app for the iOS

Do you own an iPhone and you’re tired with the default keyboard layout? Like most people, they do not want the default keyboard that comes with the iPhone. It just looks plain and simple. People want to have more customizability and emojis to help them express themselves.

Luckily, there is an app for the iOS that replaces the default keyboard. Introducing the Swiftkey Keyboard app for the iOS. The Swiftkey keyboard app is one of the most popular keyboard apps on the iOS and Android platforms.

Swiftkey Keyboard app for the iOS replaces the default iOS keyboard with an intelligent keyboard that adapts to the way you type. It will learn your most commonly used words so that you can just tap on it via the word suggestions bar.

Not only that but this app also looks at their online database for new words so that it will suggest to you an appropriate word whenever you type on your mobile phone.

In today’s world, one cannot argue the power of social media. A lot of people are using the platform to express themselves. With the help of the Swiftkey Keyboard app for the iOS, they can have access to 800 emojis. They can use these emojis to help them send their points across.

Swiftkey also has loads of Themes you can download from their theme store. There are free themes that you can download and there are also premium bundles you can buy for a cheaper price that contains all of the themes.

If you are not a native English speaker, the Swiftkey Keyboard app for the iOS helps adapt your typing habits using your social media platforms. You can choose to learn words from Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.

Furthermore, you can download additional language packs so that you can truly personalize your typing experience. The supported languages are:

– Afrikaans

– Arabic

– Bulgarian

– Catalan

– Croatian

– Czech

– Danish

– Dutch

– Farsi

– Finnish

– French (France, Canada)

– German

– Greek

– Hebrew

– Hinglish

– Hungarian

– Icelandic

– Indonesian

– Italian

– Latvian

– Norwegian

– Polish

– Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)

– Romanian

– Russian

– Serbian

– Slovak

– Spanish (Spain, United States, Latin America)

– Swedish

– Turkish

If you’re fond of using Swype to type words on your mobile phone, then you would also love Swiftkey. Swiftkey has a Swype option called “Swiftkey Flow” that mimics the original Swype keyboard. If you’re a true Swype user and you wanted more themes and emojis, you should definitely try Swiftkey.

As for the performance, the Swiftkey Keyboard app for the iOS is snappy and will pop out on the screen in just below 2 seconds. There is really nothing wrong with the Swiftkey app other than minor privacy issues. But, other than that, the Swiftkey keyboard app is amazing.

The Swiftkey Keyboard app for the iOS can be downloaded on the Apple’s app store for free.